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Telegram’s GRAM Token Available on BitForex

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Events, News

We’re proud to announce that Telegram’s GRAM is now live on BitForex!

Following a direct agreement with a participant in Telegram’s original private token sale, 1 million GRAM tokens have been made available to BitForex and our users. 

Users are now able to engage in Futures Physical Delivery Contracts by borrowing GRAM from us using USDT as collateral. All users who hold BitForex GRAM futures contracts when they expire will be able to redeem the GRAM physical assets at a 1:1 ratio following the launch of the TON mainnet.

At Bitforex, we strive to bring our users as many opportunities as possible in a fast and ever-evolving market — and we hope you make the most of the opportunities we are able to present (should they fall within your interests — always do your own research prior to any purchases!)

For a full breakdown of all details relating to this event, please visit the official announcement on the BitForex website, or head directly to the trading page to pick up GRAM for yourself!

Happy trading!

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