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Online conference sees numerous noteworthy attendees

by | May 22, 2019 | Events

While in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain, the norm for publicity, promotion, and network building is based mostly on conventions, exhibitions, and live events, Consensus Quantitative FOF put together an online conference seeing hundreds of attendees from all corners of the industry.

Taking place entirely online allows for the event to see many more participants than most, given that attendees do not need to travel or make any significant arrangements in order to have a presence or voice there.

Some of the more noteworthy attendees were able to share their vision and message to the entire community with ease on a variety of topics:

Lou Haoyue, founder of TokenMania said that “The current quantitative transaction capacity space is limited, and the high-frequency quantification strategy has lower capacity. The CTA strategy is almost ineffective in the digital currency market, often with continuous profitability and then a day’s loss. In the future, the scale of transactions will become larger, the level of income will become smaller, and competition for similar strategies will be more intense.”

Li Zhe, Partner of FutureMoney also shared some thoughts on the market outlook of mainstream assets, believing that “with the arrival of the halving cycle of Bitcoin, the market outlook is currently optimistic. For retail investors, it is recommended to make a fixed investment, gradually increase the position, and less leverage; for the organization, under the premise of various risk control standards, moderately add some unilateral strategies, which might result in better performance.”

Among others, Michael Wu of AMBER AI shared his thoughts on current mainstream currency, and suitable quantitative strategy for current markets, stating that “the current market activity is very high, which is beneficial to almost all types of quantitative strategies: arbitrage, high frequency, market making, CTA, etc. Under the premise of doing a good job of risk control, the quantitative strategies in the market will generally benefit from such a highly volatile and highly active market.”

It’s fantastic to see so many great minds come together to move the industry forward as a singular unit comprised of individual cells able to communicate in tandem, even when they may not see the same path ahead. Surely, we will see the emergence of more online conferences like this one in the future.

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