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Mycro’s MYO Token Sells Out in 13m7s on BitForex Turbo

by | Jun 11, 2019 | News, Turbo

We’re proud to announce that Mycro, the 2nd project to be featured on BitForex Turbo, has concluded its first round of token sale in just a few seconds over 13 minutes.

While the first project, UND, did conclude faster than that, this is still an excellent indicator of a healthy and vibrant cryptocurrency buyer market, in spite of recent price drops. BitForex Turbo is a platform aimed at highlighting noteworthy blockchain projects for the community to participate in with a fair distribution system.

Another BitForex Turbo round for Mycro MYO is coming up tomorrow — those of you who haven’t had a chance to participate yet now get a chance to revisit the project. The sale starts on June 11th at 21:00 GMT+8.

Mycro Project Overview

Mycro is a platform that sets out to aggregate and list small jobs in local communities, enabling people to harness their time to make extra money by doing small tasks, or exchanging money for more personal time by posting their daily chores for other users to do.

This system is built on an integrated blockchain review platform, which allows users to earn verifiable and legitimate reviews for their services or job postings. These review profiles can then reportedly be transferred to other future projects — all in an effort to make a simple review as valuable as it can be. Users will be able to build up trust and reputation that cannot be taken away from them.

The project features MYO tokens at the core, letting users pay or be paid within the proposed Mycro job ecosystem. Mycro’s ICO was well reviewed, earning a 4.4/5 and a 9.5/10 from ICObench and ICOmarks respectively — two highly reputable ranking sites that have analyzed more than 3,000 cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. With the success of their sale on BitForex Turbo, Mycro further cements its stance as a cryptocurrency project with a strong team and vision, making it one to follow.

The BitForex Turbo Advantage

Since being announced in early April of this year, BitForex Turbo continues to prove that by bringing extra attention and care to worthwhile projects and backing them with the name of a trusted exchange, the cryptocurrency market is still rife with interested parties ready to purchase tokens for their chance at getting in on the ground floor of a project they truly believe in.

The 2nd round of Mycro’s MYO token sale on BitForex Turbo starts on June 11th, at 21:00 GMT+8, and will become tradable via an MYO/ETH trading pair on the BitForex Exchange platform on June 17th. To participate, visit the link below.

Mycro Token Sale on BitForex Turbo:

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