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MYCRO Hunter App – BitForex Turbo Partner Back with New Project

by | Aug 27, 2019 | General, Turbo

Introducing: MYO’s Mycro Hunter

We’re proud to bring you news regarding our 2nd BitForex Turbo project partner, MYCRO. Some of you will have participated in the highly successful token sale of MYO some month ago right here on BitForex.

The project touts itself as a small jobs aggregator powered by blockchain, offering users the opportunity to trade their time for income, or vice versa with income for time through job postings for small tasks in exchange for MYO Tokens and verifiable reviews and scores.

MYO is back with a follow-up project, named MYCRO Hunter. This new initiative is aimed at revitalizing the Blockchain and cryptocurrency industry itself. Having already cemented itself as a trustworthy and legitimate project in the eyes of the cryptocurrency community at large, MYCRO is posing itself to become an intermediary party between both new and establish cryptocurrency projects, and the part of their audience willing to spread and share the message in exchange for bounty rewards. 

The bounty system is well-established already in the blockchain space, calling on users to spend their own time and resources to inform other new users about a project – but sadly, bounty hunters do not always receive their due payout. 

By partnering with MYCRO and the new MYCRO Hunter app, both users and projects will benefit from the trust that comes along with knowing that bounty rewards will always be paid out, thanks to a trustworthy and impenetrable system laid forth by MYCRO. Furthermore, projects are able to reach a wider audience thanks to the existing MYCRO Hunter App community, saving the difficult step of gathering the initial audience and interest in new projects. 

You can learn more about MYCRO and MYCRO Hunter by visiting their official website.

BitForex Turbo Sells Out All MYO Tokens

BitForex Turbo Sells Out All MYO Tokens

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