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Growing the Community Through KEY Events

May 1, 2019 | News

In an industry as young as that of blockchain and cryptocurrency, it’s important to make your presence known. The world has been working in a certain way for a long time — but the age of financial freedom through digital asset ownership is on the cusp of a new dawn.

Over the past few days, BitForex has been busy attending key events in both Singapore and Seoul.

Blockchain Life 2019, which took place in Singapore lat April 2019, saw BitForex met with a number of noteworthy projects, including the teams behind and Consentium & Asia Focus Group. We also co-hosted the official event afterparty, seeing attendees gathering for a night of meet n’ greets, networking, and general promotion of the blockchain industry.

Meanwhile, in Korea, BitForex CEO Garrett Jin attended K.E.Y Platform 2019, serving as the single global blockchain and cryptocurrency exchange representative at the event — an event which sees high profile characters from the worlds of finance and politics to discuss current and future trends; including AI, Brexit, trade wars, and blockchain.

Among the attendants was Lee Nak-yeon, current Prime Minister of South Korea, a man slated to become the next president of the country.

The primary focus of the event was “New Markets” and how they are to play an increasingly important role in the Korean economy. This included impressive and captivating panels such as AI meets Blockchain by Aaron Li, founder and CEO of Qokka, and Present and Future of Global Blockchain and Token Economy by Morgan Lim, CEO and partner at Decon, among others.

Garrett Jin gave a panel presentation, sharing his vision for how cryptocurrency and blockchain industries are set to grow in unison with the growing globalization of the modern world. With exchanges such as BitForex, the world is becoming flatter as we continue to enable users to claim freedom of trade and digital asset control.

As the only cryptocurrency exchange representative and blockchain industry leader present at the event, Garrett Jin acted as the voice of an entire industry, putting cryptocurrency’s best foot forward — that we may all benefit from the healthy promotion of blockchain in mainstream and worldwide industries.

You can expect to see more of BitForex in the future at similar events around the globe as we continue to champion a new era of openness, transparency, and trust.

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