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Filecoin’s FIL Now On BitForex IOU

by | Jul 18, 2019 | Events

Here at BitForex we are always proud to be able to bring our users the latest opportunities in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

This time around, we’re presenting Filecoin’s FIL token to the BitForex Initial Offerings: Unbound (IOU) program. Tokens will be available for just $0.78 at launch.

Filecoin is an exciting project with a concept that is easy to grasp. Using blockchain tech, Filecoin has developed a system presenting itself as an alternative solution to established services such as Dropbox or Apple’s iCloud.

Without delving too far into the positives involved with circumventing big-tech options, whose terms of service are long, complicated, and often leave the user with fewer rights to their personal data than they might have thought – it’s exciting to see blockchain solutions take a shot at bringing users a better deal.

This better deal comes in the form of security, as well as costs more custom-tailored to the specific needs of users or clients. By using Filecoin’s FIL, users are able to rent out their hard drive space to other users, allowing for individual pricing plans based on needed space and geographical location — as opposed to the flat fees offered by traditional solutions.

Adversely, users can rent out their available data storage space using Filecoin, receiving FIL tokens in exchange.

To read more about Filecoin’s FIL, we invite you to check out the story on Cointelegraph. If you’d like to participate in the BitForex FIL IOU, simply click the link below.

Get FIL now: