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BitForex Weekly Roundup

by | Jun 3, 2019 | News

Dear Traders,

We’re bringing you the roundup of everything that’s been going on here, just in case you may have missed it. Below, you’ll find a selection of highlighted news and events happening at BitForex. We’ve got a new Turbo project, coin updates, and more events just for you.

First up, we’re thrilled to be introducing Mycro — The second project to hit the BitForex Turbo Premium Project Accelerator. Mycro is the first decentralized platform offering users the opportunity to trade their time for money, or money for time. The system is backed by verifiable reviews on the blockchain that can be transferred to future projects. To learn more about Mycro, click here. The token sale launches on June 11th.

Premium Token Offerings
In addition to the upcoming Turbo project, a regular Premium Token Offering opens soon: XSCC. To learn more, or to participate, please visit the PTO page on

Token Listings & Updates
There are several new listings on BitForex, including MATIC, and DREP. There is also news regarding delisting 3 inactive tokens, and updates on NEO, NSG, ZIL, NSG, NOIA, and the OMI/BTC trading pair.

Events & More
BitCoin Pizza Day 1BTC+ Giveaway Winners can be found here. Thanks to everyone who participated — see you in the next event!

That’s all the news we’ve got for you today. Check out the official BitForex Blog to stay tuned, or follow us on Twitter!

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