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BitForex Turbo Successfully Supercharges UND Token Sale.

Apr 10, 2019 | Events, Turbo

Dear BitForex users,

We’re proud to announce that the very first project to be featured on BitForex Turbo was an overwhelming success, selling out in just 1 minute and 53 seconds!

Now more than ever, the cryptospace is flooded with too many projects of little to no value, making it difficult to cut through the noise.

BitForex Turbo, the premium project accelerator initiative from BitForex, is a platform aimed at highlighting projects within the cryptospace that have outstanding teams and tech, as well as solid prospects for return.

The first such project to be featured on BitForex Turbo was Unification (UND) — a fascinating project that aims to replace DAPPs with a more powerful system as one of their goals. Having been announced just days ago, users have been able to register for the token sale since April 8th, 2019. Within minutes of the token sale going live, the entire supply of UND, representing 2.9% of the total circulating supply was sold.

We’re overjoyed at the positive response to BitForex Turbo’s first initiative — proving that when centered around a trustworthy pillar, the cryptocurrency community is still able to band together to make an impact.

We’d like to give special thanks to all those who participated — and we look forward to bringing you more projects on BitForex Turbo in the near future!

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