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BitForex Turbo: Introducing Mycro

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Events, Turbo

We’re extremely pleased to announce BitForex’s second Turbo project. Starting on June 11th, all BitForex users will have the option to participate in a very special token sale.

Turbo, BitForex’s Premium Project Accelerator, is designed to highlight some of the most promising projects in the cryptospace. This is an effort to reduce market noise, and truly give high-quality projects with talented teams, solid business plans, and bright ideas the attention they deserve – an opportunity for them to stand out from the crowd.

The first Turbo project, Unification’s UND sold out in less than 2 minutes (1m53s to be precise). The second such project to be featured on BitForex Turbo is none other than Mycro – The first global decentralized platform for simple jobs.

Mycro is a project aimed at empowering users to get the most possible value out of their available resources – whether that be in terms of time, or money. On the Mycro platform, users will be able to post and take simple jobs in their area — either exchanging their time for tokens, or their tokens for time.

The platform is designed to connect people in need, giving them the ability to earn extra income, or spend more time on hobbies and passions by offering payment in exchange for services — things like buying groceries, mowing the lawn, and other small household chores.

This proposed system is backed by a reliable and verifiable blockchain user rating system, which is transferrable to other future implementations, allowing would-be members to build up their reputation in a meaningful way.

Mycro’s ICO  has been highly reviewed by both ICObench and ICOmarks, earning a 4.4/5 and 9.5/10 respectively. ICOmarks currently offers ratings for over 3,000 projects, acting as a key resource for potential investors to make an educated decision about their purchase. Furthermore, both rating agencies gave top marks to Mycro’s team, highlighting the extremely solid foundation upon which the project is built.

Through BitForex Turbo, Mycro gains the reliability and trust of a cryptocurrency exchange at their back, adding weight and credibility to the project as they move into a new phase of project growth.

The token sale starts on June 11th — interested users can head here to learn more, or click here to register. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter, and stay tuned right here on the official blog to stay up to date with all BitForex news and events.

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