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ATOM Staking Guide

Mar 14, 2019 | Events

ATOM Staking Guide

We’re here to give you a little bit of background on exactly how COSMOS ATOM tokens are handled on BitForex.

COSMOS is based on a “hard slashing” staking model, meaning user funds stand the risk of being slashed if any block were to be double-signed, or due to extended validator downtime. Staking has inherent risks, and we urge you to consider your choices carefully.

Usually, there is a 30-day unbinding process for staked ATOMs during which delegator ATOMs do not earn rewards and cannot be transferred, exchanged or spent. ATOMs can, however, be slashed during this period.


The BitForex Advantage

  • Tokens deposited on BitForex will be automatically staked to our specified validator. Users can withdraw anytime without suffering an unbinding period. As an added bonus, BitForex users with staked ATOM will be eligible for up to 10% rewards (at the time of writing – this may change in the future) each week!

  • Sparkpool is currently ranked 16th among all of the validators. This makes the likelihood of slashed tokens close to 0. The more ATOM the validator has, the less risk for you, the user.

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