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Airdrop, Contest, and more — Get your $1-10 in BTC/ETH now!

by | Aug 21, 2019 | Airdrop, Events

Greetings traders!

This post is to remind you that we currently have a Grand Master contest going on in celebration of the official launch of our Perpetual Contract Platform!

Following the highly successful and exciting demo phases for the Perpetual Trading Platform feature on BitForex, we’ve now rolled out an event with up to $5,000 in prizes for the most skilled traders. The competition kicks off August 21st, 2019, and progress is ranked both by daily and total trading stats.

This means you have the chance to win a prize not just at the end of the competition, but every single day you participate as well!

And to get you all started on equal footing, you can register right now to receive a completely free $1-10 BTC/ETH airdrop. These funds are yours to keep, but are exclusively earmarked for use on the Perpetual Trading Platform.

Start with that, and see how high you can go on speculation alone. Perpetual Trading will see you guessing and speculating on the rise and fall of your favorite tokens, so you can earn a buck even when the markets are crashing.

To get started, simply click the link below to register your claim for $1-10 in either BTC or ETH (distributed at random).